Stay at the retro design hostel “Hostel 64 Osaka” and communicate with local people at the café & bar♪

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Stay at the retro design hostel “Hostel 64 Osaka” and communicate with local people at the café & bar♪

This time, I visited “Hostel 64 Osaka” which had been built by renovating retro building.

Since the building was built in 1964, the name of this hostel is called “Hostel 64 Osaka.” I could feel the stylish atmosphere from its name! 

The location is very convenient since it’s only 3 min walk from “Nishi Nagahori Station,” around Shinsaibashi area in Osaka. 

This hostel is highly recommended for those who are resistant to dormitory room, because there are private rooms, and even the dormitory rooms are spacious and independent by partitions. 

Let me introduce many attractive points of “Hostel 64 Osaka” where somehow you can naturally feel relaxed. 



◇About "HOSTEL 64 Osaka"



Opened in March 2010, “Hostel 64 Osaka” is located in the residential area. The building was originally built in 1964, and renovated into the guesthouse. 

Other than the accommodation, Hostel 64 Osaka is also running café & bar where neighbors sometimes come by. You might have chance to talk to those neighbors and get interesting information about Osaka! 

 “Hostel 64 Osaka” is not a formal place to stay like a hotel, so you can feel relax like being at your own home. 

They are using high quality bed like a hotel, but the price is much cheaper than the normal hotel. 

I could feel the originality from many items like ornament, lighting, wall paper, chair, table, door, and so on. 

Some parts are designed as Japanese style, but some parts are taking in modern systems like new style shower room or massage chair. Retro taste and modern taste are being well combined. 


◇Inside "HOSTEL 64 Osaka"


Floor Map


Rooftop, Washing Machine


Private Room, Bathroom, Shower Room


Private Room, Bathroom, Shower Room


Front Desk, Lounge, Bar, Bathroom, Shower Room


Rental Bicycle, Dormitory


Outside Look

The characteristic of the outside look is the nostalgic brick wall. Open the door and go up the stairs, you will see the front desk on the 2nd floor. 


Front Desk

Since many guests are from outside of Japan, some staffs can speak English and Chinese. For other languages, staffs will communicate and provide information by gesture!

When I visited, the front desk was partitioned by curtain since it was outside of service hours.


In front of the front desk, many photos of the guests from all over the world were posted on the wall. 

Next to the photos, original city map was posted on the board! (There is also a portable map!)


The below photo is the city map which introduces recommended places and restaurants. Those recommendation were chosen by Hostel 64 Osaka staffs that they actually visited those places and selected the best! 


Some restaurants are not those on the guide books that only staffs would know! If you have this map, you wouldn’t need to worry on where to go! 


This map was made because staffs are always asked where they usually go around Osaka. In order to help the guests enjoy the trip in Osaka, clear information with staff’s comments are written on the map. 

When you stay here, refer to this map and enjoy Osaka!



The lounge area is like a stylish café! 

If you look carefully into the middle of the below photo, the table is actually a trunk case! 

Some people are staying here for business that sometimes you can come across with the scene that a Japanese businessman checks-in in his suits, then change to the lounge wear and relaxing with beer in his hand at the lounge space.

Guests are staying here with many kinds of reasons, but the great part of this hostel is its atmosphere that you can somehow relax and feel like being at home.


Massage chair in the below photo (with a fee).


Bar Lounge

Beside the front desk, there is a small bar where you can drink alcohol. 

You can use the PC on the counter for free! 

In the morning, you can enjoy breakfast while watching TV. 


This bar is also available for local people who are not staying at this hostel! Since it’s located in the middle of residential area, sometimes neighbors come by to drink and chat with travelers. 

How interesting it is to have space where local people and travelers from all over the world can communicate! 


You can order local Osaka beer or plum wine! 


Yukata (an informal cotton kimono) was displayed on the wall. 

Actually this Yukata is for rent that many foreign guests ask for! You can rent this Yukata and enjoy taking pictures♪


Guest Room


Usually, many facilities use bunk beds for dormitory, but “Hostel 64 Osaka” does not use bunk beds. Beds are same as hotel beds and there is a partition between each bed that privacy is highly kept even in the dormitory room. This type of dormitory is very rare!


Deluxe Dormitory

Each bed is equipped with head light, ear plug, hanger, security box, and outlet.

The size of the bed at deluxe dormitory is double size that up to 2 people can sleep.


Standard Dormitory

The size of the bed is smaller than deluxe dormitory bed that single size is used. 

This standard dormitory is for single use only.


Japanese Style Standard Room

This Japanese style room is very popular for foreign guests since the room has tatami mats.

The size of the room is about a 6 mats room for a standard room. For those who are not used to sleep on the tatami mats, there is a mattress under the futon which reduces burden on the lower back. 

Also since the room was designed by the designer, you can find many stylish items in the room like poster, wall paper, and small decorations.


Japanese Style Superior Room

The size of the room is same as standard room, but the superior room has another small room and balcony. You can feel like staying at the Japanese high quality accommodation called “Ryokan.”


Double Bed Room

Double bed room looks just like a standard hotel room which is of course a private room. The room has balcony, and the window is wide enough to get sunshine.


Shower Room

One of the shower room on the lobby floor is equipped with a new style shower machine like a below photo. It’s a high quality machine that it has shower chair and many water jets! 


There are also standard shower rooms on 2nd floor and 3rd floor as well.


One of the shower room on the 3rd floor has unique entrance like a below photo. It is imitating the entrance of the traditional tea room which you need to bend forward to enter. This playful entrance is especially attracting foreign guests.



Bathrooms are also on each floors, and each bathroom has different design.

One of them is decorated with kokeshi dolls which make the atmosphere very nostalgic.


The below photo is a stylish modern bathroom.


Rooftop Terrace

From the rooftop terrace, you can get a full view of residential area in Osaka. 

In summer, you can hang out with other travelers with beer in your hand. The night breeze would sure makes you feel comfortable.


Washing Machine

The washing machine and drying machines are placed right before the exit door to the rooftop terrace. 


Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is available just for 300 yen! (with coffee for 500 yen)

Enjoy your breakfast between 8:00-11:00 before you go out♪


Rental Bicycle

You can borrow the bicycle for only 200 yen per day! By bicycle, you can visit Shinsaibashi area in a second! Some guests would even go to Osaka-jo Castle by bicycle!


Interior Decoration

Let me show you some interiors and decorations displayed inside the hostel♪




The below photo is a twisted wooden handrail! The twisted part is very rare that it has been maintained well since it was built in 1964.



You can enjoy esthetic at this Hostel 64 Osaka! Esthetic is done by professional women acupuncturist. 

※Reservation is required at least a day before. Please call (090-1906-6449) or request by email (


Cafe & Bar

You can just stop by for café/bar! Office hour is between 15:00~23:00. Coffee for 300 yen~, beer for 500 yen~, snacks for 300 yen~. 


◇After the Visit


The impression of “Hostel 64 Osaka” was nostalgic but also had western atmosphere. Inside the hostel had many traditional Japanese taste like tatami mat and tea room entrance which combined well with western taste like a latest shower machine or massage chair. 

On the official website, I found the sentence which really matches as the image of this hostel. “It is retro and still modern, Japanese style and still western style somewhere and hybrid interior.” 

I could truly feel that staffs do care a lot about this hostel every nook and corner. I was especially impressed by the dormitory room which cares about privacy. Even bed cover and wall paper were stylish which looks just like a hotel room. 

Keeping the stylish sense of space like a stylish hotel or café, and provides at-home atmosphere which naturally produces communication between people. “Hostel 64 Osaka” is truly a very attractive place. 


◇Access and Facility Information


Access to "HOSTEL 64 Osaka"

1. From No.1 exit on Nishinagahori station, turn left. 

2. Go straight about 100 meters on the Route 29.

3. Turn right after you see the Nihon Kotsu building.

4. Turn left at the second corner off the Times Car Rental.

5. Go straight and you will see Hostel 64 Osaka on your right hand side. 



The price varies depending on the seasons and the day of the week. Please refer to the Hostel 64 official website for details. 

Japanese Style Standard Room

1 person: 6,000yen ~ 9,200yen/room

2 person: 8,100yen ~ 11,100yen/room

Japanese Style Superior Room

2~3 person: 10,500yen ~ 15,300yen/room

4 person: 13,600yen ~ 18,800yen/room

Double Bed Room

1 person: 6,100yen ~ 9,300yen/room

2 person: 8,200yen ~ 11,200yen/room

Standard Dormitory

1 person: 3,500yen ~ 4,400yen

Deluxe Dormitory

1 person: 3,900yen ~ 4,800yen

2 person: 6,000yen ~ 7,000yen


Facility Information


3-11-20, Shimmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi


3 min walk from Nishinagahori Station (No.1 Exit)

5 min walk from Awaza Station (No.2 Exit)

Access from the stations and neighbors

20 min by train to Osaka-jo Castle

20 min by train to Kyocera Dome

20 min by train to Tsutenkaku

20 min by train to Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

40 min by train to Universal Studio Japan


Available for both men and women

Check-in Time

Check-out Time


Till 12:00


Wi-Fi Available

Bath tub/ Shower

Both Available


Bathroom, Shower Room, Bar, Free Wi-Fi, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap


Shinsaibashi Area: 14 min by walk


How to Book "HOSTEL 64 Osaka"


Please click the below URL and make a booking on the official website of Hostel 64 Osaka.

HOSTEL 64 Osaka:


Visit “Hostel 64 Osaka” where number of repeaters is increasing♪