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“Hostel Mundo Kyoto” and “Hostel Mundo Chiquito” welcome travelers from all over the world with warm hearts♪

“Kyo-machiya” means Kyoto's traditional house.
Near Nijo-jo Castle in Kyoto, there are two Kyo-machiya which had been renovated into guesthouses.
One had built 100 years ago, and another had built 80 years ago.  

This time, I have visited these 2 guesthouses called “Hostel Mundo Kyoto” and “Hostel Mundo Chiquito.”
Let me introduce with the bar called “Bar Otro Mundo” owned by the same owner.

The word “Mundo” named in each guesthouses and the bar comes from the Spanish, meaning “World” in English.

The owner Mr. Yonehara was a backpacker who had been traveling more than 100 countries over 8 years. Other staffs are also travelers who have been to other countries and places. 

As they themselves were travelers on their journey, they would welcome travelers coming to Kyoto from all over the world. They would welcome them with warm hearts and would provide the place where everyone can interact without any hesitation. 

Selected Guesthouses in Kyoto【2】 : Within 10 min walk from “Kawaramachi Station”


Able to feel the traditional atmosphere of Kyoto, around Kawaramachi station is said to be the busiest area in Kyoto.
Kawaramachi is convenient for sightseeing that it’s close to the places like Kyoto’s main kitchen “Nishiki Ichiba,” famous shrine “Yasaka Jinja,” “Chion-in” which is famous for “Joya no Kane (the bell ringing out the old year). 

Together with the previous article “Guesthouses near Kyoto station,” please take a look at this article “Guesthouses near Kawaramachi station” as well for your reference. 

Selected Guesthouses in Kyoto【1】 : Within 10 min walk from “Kyoto Station”


Not just local people in Kyoto, but also visitors and businessmen from inside and outside of Japan are passing by Kyotos main entrance, Kyoto Station.
Access is perfect that even Shinkansen would stop by.

Starting with Kyoto Tower,To-ji Temple, Nishi Honganji Temple, and Kyoto Aquarium are also within walking distance from Kyoto station.
Setting your base at Kyoto station is a wise choice for sightseeing in Kyoto.

Looking for a convenient place to stay near Kyoto station?

Here are some selected comfortable guesthouses within 10 min walk from Kyoto station! 
Please have a look for your future reference