Less than 50% of the hotel price!? Find out about “Guesthouse” that recently opening up one after another!

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Less than 50% of the hotel price!? Find out about “Guesthouse” that recently opening up one after another!

Searching for the accommodation online, recently the word “guesthouse” started to draw my attention on the search results.

The price is so attractive that you can stay for only 2,000~yen even in Tokyo. However, if you have no experience of staying at a guesthouse, you sure have many questions like “What is the difference between a guesthouse and a normal hotel?” “Is it mainly for foreign guests?” and so on. 

To answer those questions, let me introduce what it’s like to be staying at the “guesthouse” including the real experience of mine!



Guesthouse Morizo


What is a guesthouse?

Guesthouse is a reasonable accommodation that the cost is much cheaper than the budget hotel. Some facilities do name their places as “hostel” and there are not much differences between a guesthouse and a hostel. 

Rooms are not as many as hotel that most facilities do only have up to 10 rooms. It’s like a feeling of staying at your friend’s house. 

Most of the guests are from overseas that you can find many backpackers. Recently, many new guesthouses are opening up one after another at the popular destinations like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. 

Each guesthouse has its own uniqueness. For example, traditional Japanese-style guesthouses tend to target foreign travelers, and stylish and modern guesthouses tend to target guesthouse beginners including Japanese guests.


Unique and Stylish Guesthouse

HOSTEL 64 Osaka



Renovated Kyoto’s Traditonal House, “Kyo-machiya”


Hostel Mundo


Price and Facility

Let me share details on how much would actually cost, facility information, room types of guesthouses!



I was very surprised when I stayed for the first time that accommodation fee for the guesthouse is very cheap.

For example, if you stay in Tokyo or in Osaka for 1 night, you need to pay at least around 8,000 yen for the budget hotel. However, you only need to pay 2,000 yen – 4,000 yen for the guesthouse. 


②Facility and Service

Facilities are well satisfied that usually kitchen and laundry are equipped for the long-term travelers, as well as the common space where travelers can communicate with each other. 

Most facilities have common bathroom and bath or shower room. Since the price is very reasonable, you may feel a bit inconvenient that facilities, services, and amenities are limited compare to the normal hotel. 

For example, in most cases, bath towel and face towel are not prepared, and towel rental is available for a fee. (The place I stayed last time did not even have rental service, and I needed to purchase a bath towel.) Also, you need to bring your own pajamas and tooth brush. 

Since amenities depend on each facility, I recommend you to check on the amenity information on the website before the stay so that you will know what to bring and what not to bring.


Common Lounge

oshare-guethouse Guesthouse Suna no Shiro


Common Kitchen

kitchenOak Hostel Cabin



Recently, guesthouse with bar or café are increasing that you can enjoy eating and drinking coffee or alcohol with other travelers and local people.


Guesthouse with Café/Bar



③Room Type

Some guesthouses only have dormitory room, some only have private room, and some have both private and dormitory room. 

The cheapest room is of course a dormitory room! Dormitory room is a shared room with other guests. Recently, women-only dormitory or women-only floor are increasing a lot. 

Most dormitories use bunk bed or Japanese-style futon. For the bunk bed, some facilities do have curtain around the bed so that you can make it a half private room. 

Outlet or headlight are also equipped for most facilities. 


Private Room

IZA Tokyo Asakusa Guesthouse


Bunk Beds Dormitory

Guesthouse Gajyun


Futon-type Dormitory

 Tokyo Hyutte


Capsule-type Dormitory

  Khaosan Tokyo Samurai Capsule


You need to take care of your valuable goods by yourself. Some guesthouses provide locker, so you can also keep your staff inside the locker. Some guesthouses do not have locker, but it’s your responsibility to protect your valuable goods!



Drummer's Dream



The greatest features of guesthouse is the communication with other travelers and local staffs. 

Guesthouses usually have common lounge or living room so that you can have conversation with staffs or other travelers there. Communication is a real pleasure during traveling.

Since travelers are not only from Japan but also from all over the world that you can enjoy international communication as well.

When I stayed at the guesthouse in Tokyo, I talked to a man from Turkey. It was only a few seconds, but since it was my first experience to speak with Turkish people, it was a memorable moment for me. 

If you did not feel like talking with others, you don’t have to! So don’t worry! 

Each guesthouse has different atmosphere and different concept that you can choose the one which matches your desire. 


Communication Between Travelers

 Hotel Santiago Guesthouse Hiroshima


Since the number of foreign travelers coming to Japan are increasing a lot, many new guesthouses are built one after another mainly in the popular cities or popular areas for sightseeing. 

Many guesthouses are not just a place to sleep, but the place where travelers can enjoy international communication at the stylish bar or traditional Japanese-style living room. 

If you have not stayed at the guesthouse before, try at least one time! I’m sure that you will have fun and unique experience!


Guesthouse “Like a Bookstore!”



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