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【Shimbashi】 Only 3 min by Train from Tokyo Station! Capsule Hotels near Shimbashi Station!

Let me introduce capsule hotels near Shimbashi Station!

Shimbashi is famous for the place where you would come across with many middle-aged men, known as a town of businessman. 

Also, you can find many tasty but reasonable restaurants and Izakaya (Japanese-style bar) around shimbashi station. 

If you are looking for an accommodation near Tokyo station, Shimbashi would be a very good choice for you since it only takes 3 min by train from Tokyo station. Let me introduce some capsule hotels within walking distance from Shimbashi station! Please have a look for your information♪

The 3 Capsule Hotels in IKEBUKURO: All below 3,000 yen!

Surrounded by many large shopping malls and variety of restaurants, “Ikebukuro” is one of the busy district in Tokyo. 

Ikebukuro station is the third busiest station in Japan and the world so that the access is perfect from anywhere. 

Around Ikebukuro, let me share information on 3 capsule hotels where you can stay comfortable with reasonable price, below 3,000 yen!


Looking for a place to stay in Tokyo? Go to UENO! Lots of reasonable capsule hotels are in UENO!

“Ueno” is famous for “Ueno Zoo” and “Ueno Park.”
In Ueno Zoo, you can see panda, and in Ueno Park, you can see beautiful cherry blossom in spring. 

Around Ueno station, there is a museum of art and science museum where many cultural people are gathering. 

Also close to Tokyo station, Asakusa, and Akihabara; Ueno area is convenient for both business and sightseeing. 

Compare to other areas in Tokyo, there are many reasonable capsule hotels in Ueno!
If you are visiting Tokyo, setting your base in Ueno would be a great choice for you to move around Tokyo. 


Famous for “Otaku” Culture: The 3 Capsule Hotels in AKIHABARA!


Originally and still famous for electronic appliances, “Akihabara” is now also known as the place where “Otaku” people gather for their interests in animation, comics, maid café, and idols. 

Somewhat different from other areas in Tokyo, Akihabara is very interesting and attracted place.

Nowadays, the word “Otaku” is also well known by foreigners that some foreign visitors come to Japan for going to Akihabara as the main purpose. 

Now, in that unique place “Akihabara,” I have searched some capsule hotels where you can stay without any sense of hesitation.


No need to worry about Flight Time! Cheap Capsule Hotels inside and around Haneda Airport!


If you are wondering, “I will arrive Haneda airport late at night and I might miss the last train to my hotel,” or “I need to go to Haneda airport early in the morning but the train might not be working,” staying around Haneda airport would be a good choice for you! 

You might have image that hotels around airport is expensive, and it does not worth a stay since the duration of the stay is short. 

For those of you to recommend, I have found the good place to stay; convenient capsule hotels inside and near Haneda airport!

【TOKYO】Capsule Hotels with Japanese Comics

If you are interested in Japanese comics, this article is definitely worth a read!

Without going to the book store, you can stay at capsule hotel and read as much comics as you can.

Some hotels may have comics in English, but most are in Japanese. So especially, if you are learning

Japanese language, it would be great opportunity for you to study Japanese by reading Japanese comics!

Let’s enjoy Japanese comics while staying at capsule hotel in Japan!


5 Selected Capsule Hotels in Shinjuku! Very Convenient and Comfortable♪


Number of users, number of trains, number of exits; Shinjuku Station is sweeping all of those numbers as the world’s very best.
Due to the perfect access from other areas, many people set this Shinjuku station as their meeting place. 

Not just a great access, but also as a biggest district for shopping, sightseeing, and bar hopping, cheap and convenient capsule hotel is recently becoming indispensable accommodation even for foreign visitors. 

Now, let me share information of 5 selected capsule hotels in Shinjuku.