Perfect Place for Sightseeing in Osaka! Having Women-Only Zone! Let’s stay at “Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi”!

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Perfect Place for Sightseeing in Osaka! Having Women-Only Zone! Let’s stay at “Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi”!

“Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi” is located just between 2 of the Osaka’s main stations called Namba station and Shinsaibashi station. Only 5 min walk from both stations! 

Not only the great access from the stations but also main sightseeing spots are within walking distance like Dotombori, Americamura, Namba Grand Kagetsu, and so on. 

Capsule hotel itself is also attractive that it has well satisfied services like large common bath, sauna, and massage. The facility also provides women-only area which cares about privacy and safety for women. 

If you are looking for a reasonable place to stay in Osaka, please check it out♪





・Access from Shinsaibashi Station (Just 5 min walk)

1. Exit from Shinsaibashi station (No.7 Exit) and walk to the direction of Americamura.

2. After you see the restaurant called “Harijyu” on your left hand side, turn left and go straight.

3. You will see the capsule hotel on you right hand side. 



2-12-22, Nishi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 


5 min walk from Shinsaibashi Station

5 min walk from Namba station

Access to popular destinations

Tsutenkaku: 10 min by train from Namba Station

Kyocera Dome: 15 min by train from Shinsaibashi Station

Osaka-jo Castle: 20 min by train from Shinsaibashi Station

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan: 25 min from Shinsaibashi Station

Universal Studio Japan: 30 min by train from Namba Station


Dotonbori: 5 min walk

Americamura: 1 min walk

Kuromon Ichiba: 15 min walk

Namba Grand kagetsu: 15 mini walk


Let’s have a look inside the capsule hotel!


・Front Desk

Front desk is on the 1F. Keep your shoes inside the shoe-box, then process the check-in.

Cigarette vending machine is on the 1F as well. Very convenient for smokers♪




Small shop beside the front desk sells underwear, necktie, snacks, and so on. 

You can even buy the cell phone or smart phone charger since rental is not available. 



Men-only locker is on the 1F, women-only locker is on the B1. 

Inside the locker, you will find towel, and loungewear. Since there are 2 hangers, you can hang your clothes without make them wrinkle. 

The size of the locker is good enough to keep a business bag. 

If you have suitcase of backpacks which cannot be fit inside the locker, you can ask the front desk to keep the baggage. It would cost 200 yen per 24 hours. 


・Capsule Floor

Still many capsule hotels are available for men-only, or have limited number of capsule rooms for women. However “Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi” have largest number of rooms in Western Japan. 308 rooms for men and 103 rooms for women!

You can use stairs or elevator to go to the capsule floor. 

If you get lost, check out the capsule floor map at the entrance so that you can easily find your own capsule room.


・Capsule Room


There are 3 types of capsule room that the price differs depending on whether the room has TV and outlet or not. 

The room with outlet is popular, so make sure to book in advance♪

Without TV

With Outlet


With TV

Without Outlet


With TV

With Outlet




At the bathroom, face lotion, tooth brush, hair dryer, and so on are equipped. 


・Vending Machine

If you get thirsty, you can buy some drinks from the vending machine on the 2F.



Office hour of the restaurants on the 2F is between 7:00~9:00 in the morning, and 19:00~1:30 at night. 

Since it opens till 1:30 midnight, you can enjoy eating or drinking after enjoying your long day trip. You can also smoke at this restaurant.


Not only the variety of set menu but also variety of breakfast menu is available. If you stay here, enjoy the breakfast on the next morning!


There is a non-smoking space as well♪


・Relaxation Room

After taking a bath, you can relax at the relaxation room by sitting on the reclining chair while watching TV.

Newspapers and magazines are also available for you to read!


Cup noodle vending machine is also available! 

You can eat and drink at the table in front of the vending machine. 

Convenient for you if you get a bit hungry♪


・Game Section

Game section is on the 2F as well! 

Especially popular among male guests!!


The below poster says “Correct the points and get the free coupon!” If you won certain amount of points, you can get a free coupon for beer, breakfast, dinner, or even a fee for a stay! 

If you like playing slot-machine, please give it a try!


Near the game section, you will find beverage and ice cream vending machines. 

Glass bottle milk somehow looks a bit nostalgic. Best to drink after taking a bath♪


・Coin Laundry

Coin laundry is available which is convenient for the guests staying for a long time. 

※Coin laundry for women is available inside the women area as well.


・Comic Section

At the comic room, there are more than 5,000 comics available for you to read! 

Popular comic like One Piece is also available! 

Most of them are in Japanese, so if you cannot read Japanese, enjoy the illustration of Japanese comics♪


・Large Common Bath and Sauna (Men-Only Zone)

Large common bath is on the B2, so you need to go down the stairs from B1. 

Try soaking in the jacuzzi and water bath, and get rid of your tiredness♪


You can enjoy 2 kinds of sauna which are high temperature sauna and low temperature sauna. Try both types♪


At the changing room, body lotion and hair dryer are available.


・Women-Only Zone

For women, since the capsule room is not a private room, some of you might be worried on the security. However, you don’t need to be worried since there is a zone which only women can enter! (Entrance for women-only zone is on the B1)

The key is required to get inside the women-only zone. (Women will get the key upon check-in.)

Because the automatic locking device is equipped on the door, of course men cannot enter this zone. 


・Women Capsule Floor

Same as men’s capsule room, there are 3 types of rooms. 

Without TV

With Outlet


With TV

Without Outlet


With TV

With Outlet





The size of the locker is same as men’s locker.



Since the famous brand "Kanebo" face lotion and milk lotion, hair dryer, and so on are equipped, you don’t need to worry even you forgot to bring your own. 


・Large Common Bath

Common bath for women. Sauna is available as well.


・Shower Room

Other than the common bath, 4 shower rooms are available as well.

Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are available on each shower booth. Please be informed that you need to take shower within 30 min per 1 time.


・Coin Laundry and Vending Machine

Coin laundry and vending machine at the women-only zone.


・Group Room

At 3F, private capsule rooms for groups are available. 

There are 4 capsule beds in a room and you can play mahjong on the table. 


・Affiliate Parking Lot

If you need to park your car, you can park at “Shinsaibashi parking lot” for 1,500yen per 1 night, located just behind the capsule hotel.


After the Visit...

I think this Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi is very convenient place to stay for business or leisure since it’s located in the middle of the most crowded area in Osaka. 

You can also get rid of your tiredness by using large common bath and sauna. 

The most recommended point of this capsule hotel is the women-only zone which has high level of privacy for women. Key is required to enter the women-zone, and staffs who would enter the women-zone are all female. 

Having great access, large common bath, and women-only zone! Why don’t you stay at this capsule hotel♪




Facility Information


Available for both men and women

Check-in Time

Check-out Time

From 14:00

Till 10:00


Wi-Fi Available

Large Common Bath & Sauna



Restaurant, Comic Section, Game Section, Coin Laundry, Massage

Keeping the Luggage

Available (200 yen/ 24 hours)


How to Book


Click below and book “Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi” on Expedia’s website.

Make sure to book in advance especially on weekends!




Stay at “Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi” and enjoy your time in Osaka♪