What is a Capsule Hotel? 3 Things You Want To Know Before the Stay

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What is a Capsule Hotel? 3 Things You Want To Know Before the Stay

You can stay at the capsule hotel for only 2,000 yen~/per night! Not only it’s cheap but also having great facility like sauna and large common bath, capsule hotel is now being the very popular accommodation choice for businessmen and young adults who want to save the money for accommodation. 

Recently, capsule hotel is also becoming very popular among people from outside of Japan as a unique hotel developed in Japan.

Now, in order to stay comfortable with reasonable price, let me share 3 things you want to know before staying at the capsule hotel. 

“How does the inside of capsule hotel look like?” “Isn’t it too cheap?” “Is there any privacy? Does it have any security system?” For those having these concerns, please take a look for your information.





About Capsule Hotel

Let’s have a look inside the capsule hotel!


Capsule Bed

At the capsule hotel, there are no private rooms like a normal hotel. Capsule shaped beds are lined up like a below photo. You would sleep inside this capsule room, and use common bathroom and shower room.



At the entrance of the capsule room, bamboo blind or curtain is attached in order to keep the privacy. Usually outlets are equipped inside the room, and some facilities do have alarm clock or TV as well.


Standard capsule rooms are vertically lined up, but some capsule rooms are horizontal type. The size is the same, but horizontal type looks larger and easier to go inside. 




According to the rules of “cheap lodging house,” it is not possible to lock each capsule room. Therefore, facilities do provide individual locker with a lock so that guests can keep their valuable goods inside.



Most of the case, capsule room and locker room are separated that you need to come and go. However, some facilities are arranging locker beside the capsule room or inside the capsule room like a below photo.



Large Common Bath & Sauna

Many of capsule hotels tend to provide large common bath and sauna. Some people come to those facilities just to enjoy sauna without saying at the capsule room. As the number of capsule hotel had increased, new capsule hotels tend to have only shower room.



How to use Capsule Hotel

Here is the flow after entering the capsule hotel. 


① Check-in at the front desk. Get the locker key. 


② Change clothes (Lounge wear and towel are inside the locker or capsule room.)


③ Go to large common bath or shower room.


④ Relax at the common lounge area or inside the capsule room.


Developed in Japan! 

Capsule hotel had developed in Japan, and still now, not many capsule hotels are around outside of Japan. That’s why the unique facility “capsule hotel” is getting attention from people outside of Japan.


3 things you must check before the stay!

You will feel reasonable and comfortable if you check some points while choosing which facility to stay and before the actual stay. 

Let me share the 3 things you need to know!

1. Pre-booking is more reasonable than walk-in

2. Well-satisfied facility and amenity

3. Can women stay as well?


Take a look at below for more details!


1. Pre-booking is more reasonable than walk-in

Of course you can just walk-in to the capsule hotel and stay if the room is available, but in many cases, pre-booking is cheaper than walk-in price. The price difference is about 500 yen ~ 1,000 yen, so once you planed your trip, book the room as soon as possible to get cheapest price! 


 2.Well-satisfied facility and amenity


You might think wherever is ok if it’s cheap, but depending on the quality of facility and amenities, sometimes you need to spend extra other than the accommodation fee. 

For example, most facilities do provide towel, lounge wear, and tooth brush, but face lotion might not be provided that you need to buy at the convenience store. Or if you forgot to bring smartphone charger, you need to borrow with a fee. 

Also, other extra charge might be added for keeping large baggage or suitcase. 

You better check the details of facility and amenity information before the stay!


Convenient Items to Bring

Blocks the sound of other people’s snoring. Some hotels are selling earplug at the front desk for about 150 yen, but if you have one, you better bring it.

Capsule room usually have outlets, but if you don’t have charger, it’s meaningless! Nowadays, many hotels have rental service but with a fee or depends on availability. Please make sure to bring your charger.

Small bag
Can be anything like a plastic bag or eco bag. In case you will walk around inside the facility or to your capsule bed, small bag would be convenient for you to bring your cell phone or valuable goods.


3. Can women stay as well?

If you are a man, please ignore this part. If you are a woman, this part would be worth a read. Nowadays, capsule hotels for women are increasing a lot, but still many says “men-only.” When you book, check the plan title in case it doesn’t say “men-only.”


Capsule Hotel where women can also stay

Below link is the article on capsule hotels which have women-only floor. Please take a look for your reference.


【For Ladies!】Cheap and Safe! List of Capsule Hotels which have Women-Only Floor!



3. Amazing New Capsule Hotels!

Recently, many new capsule hotels are built one after another. Within those, let me introduce some surprising capsule hotels which you will definitely ask “Is this a capsule hotel!?”


Feel  Like being in the SF world!

You may heard about this capsule hotel called “Nine Hours (9h)” which has become famous as a designed capsule hotel. 

The size of the capsule is same as normal capsule bed, but due to the monotone and stylish design, you can feel being in the SF world. The amenities are 9h brand that they care details of the facility for the guests.



【Sendai】 Nine Hours Sendai
5 min walk from subway "Hirose-dori Station"
Amenity & Facility
Free Wi-Fi, Shower-only, Bath towel, Face towel, Lounge wear, Tooth brush, Hair dryer, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap



【Narita】 Nine Hours Narita Airport
Narita Airport Terminal 2; B1F Parking Building 2
Amenity & Facility
Free Wi-Fi, Shower-only, Bath towel, Face towel, Lounge wear, Tooth brush, Hair dryer, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap



【Kyoto】 Nine Hours Kyoto
2 min walk from Hankyu "Kawaramachi Station"
5 min walk from Keihan "Gion Shijo Station"
5 min walk from subway "Shijo Station"
Amenity & Facility
Free Wi-Fi, Shower-only, Bath towel, Face towel, Lounge wear, Tooth brush, Hair dryer, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap




Doesn’t look like a capsule hotel!? 

The capsule hotel called “First Cabin” is also becoming very popular. The height of the capsule is much higher because capsule is not on top of another like a normal capsule hotel. You can stand on the bed for this capsule room. 

The room is also wider since there is a locker inside the capsule. 

The cheapest room is called business class cabin like a below photo. 

There is also a room called first class cabin which has a bigger locker and a small table inside the capsule room.
Maybe, we cannot say it’s a capsule hotel anymore.



【Namba】 First Cabin Midosuji Namba
Connected to Subway Midosuji-line "Namba Station" (Exit #13)
Amenity & Facility
TV, Wi-Fi, Electric Kettle, Refrigerator (partial), Hair Dryer, Body Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Face Soap, Tooth Brush, Shaver, Comb, Hair Brush, Towel, Bath Towel, Slipper, Pajama, Safety-box



【Kyoto】 First Cabin Kyoto Karasuma
1 min walk from subway Karasuma-line "Shijo Station" (Exit #5)
Amenity & Facility
TV, Internet (LAN, wireless LAN), Hair Dryer, Hair Iron (rent), Humidifier (rent), Shampoo, Conditioner, Towel, Bath Towel, Slipper



【Hakata】 First Cabin Hakata
Connected to Subway Airport-line "Nakasu Kawabata Station" (Exit #4)
Amenity & Facility
TV,Internet (wireless LAN), Hair Dryer (partial), Humidifier (rent), Body Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Face Soap, Tooth Brush, Towel, Bath Towel, Slipper, Pajama




Colorful Capsule Hotel in front of the Ski Slope

You can change the capsule room light to your favorite color at this colorful capsule hotel called “Lodge Moiwa834.” 

Size of each capsule room is larger than normal because of this location.

This capsule hotel is actually located just in front of the ski slope of Niseko in Hokkaido. For ski or snowboard player, they created the space under capsule room to keep ski boards or snowboard.



【Hokkaido】 Lodge Moiwa 834
447-5, Niseko, Niseko-cho, Hokkaido (Just in front of Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort)
Amenity & Facility
Free Wi-Fi, Laundry, Shower, Hair Dryer, Air-conditioner



How did you find these capsule hotels? Has your image of capsule hotel changed? Try staying at capsule hotel! 



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