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What is a Capsule Hotel? 3 Things You Want To Know Before the Stay

You can stay at the capsule hotel for only 2,000 yen~/per night! Not only it’s cheap but also having great facility like sauna and large common bath, capsule hotel is now being the very popular accommodation choice for businessmen and young adults who want to save the money for accommodation. 

Recently, capsule hotel is also becoming very popular among people from outside of Japan as a unique hotel developed in Japan.

Now, in order to stay comfortable with reasonable price, let me share 3 things you want to know before staying at the capsule hotel. 

“How does the inside of capsule hotel look like?” “Isn’t it too cheap?” “Is there any privacy? Does it have any security system?” For those having these concerns, please take a look for your information.


Capsule Hotels with Japanese Comics 【All Areas except Tokyo】

Let me share information on capsule hotels in Japan where you can read comics!

Do you know any Japanese comic? 
In some capsule hotels, you can read as many comics as you want! 

Most of them are in Japanese, but if you are interested Japanese comics, please check out this article♪


【For Ladies!】Cheap and Safe! List of Capsule Hotels which have Women-Only Floor!

If you are a woman, you might feel a bit worried staying at a capsule hotel by yourself.
Many Capsule hotels in Japan are men-only, but recently, capsule hotels for women are increasing a lot.
For single travelers, I would recommend you to stay at capsule hotels which have women-only floor.

Many women-only floor have security locks on each capsule floor, and amenities are usually designed for women.
Some capsule hotels may have better services than normal business hotels.

I have listed our those capsule hotels which have women-only floor.
If you are traveling by yourself, or with your women friends, please include the capsule hotel as one of your option for the stay in Japan!