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Privacy Policy (個人情報保護方針)

We make it a high priority to ensure the confidentiality of the personal information and other related laws, regulations and guidelines, and we do not use beyond the scope of following purpose of use. 

・We make use of your registered membership information for creating accommodation plan, and using it as a tools to contact related companies. Also, within the required range of procedures, we make use of your information for providing and arranging services for your stay at the accommodation you booked. 
※For other purposes, we might make use of your personal information in order to ①provide information on affiliated companies’ product, services, and promotion; ②request feedback of your stay; ③send out questionnaires; ④provide privileged services; and ⑤document statistical data. 

・ Personal information we receive and store includes your first and last name, age, gender, phone number, address, email address, and other information in order to practice arrangement of your accommodation within minimum range required.

・ If we are not able to obtain your agreement, we might not able to conclude our contract. Also, without your agreement, we might not able to arrange your booking as desired. 

・In order to arrange your booking, we provide personal information such as your first and last name, age, gender, phone number, and other necessary information to our suppliers via electronic method. 

・If you wish to confirm, change, add, or delete your information we stored, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support center to acquire steps for necessary procedure. On that occasion, we would immediately make necessary action according to the law and our company’s regulations. Also, we would explain the reason in case if we were not able to meet all or part of your request.

・In case of information disclosure, we would contact you to inform the situation without delay, and would temporary stop the systems which causing problem. Also, we would immediately make official announcement of all facts of incident on our website. 

Usage of “Cookie”(Cookie利用について)

Cookie is a device which temporally store the data on your computer’s hard drive through web browser. This website uses cookie to help our users use our website efficiently, and we do not use it for any other purpose.  

Information which would be stored on Cookie does not include guest name or phone number which can specify an individual. 

Also, in order to distribute appropriate advertisement, we make use of Behavioral Targeting Advertising and Retargeting Advertising provided by the third-party vendors using Cookie.
If you do not wish to receive any advertisement, opt-out each service from the “List of advertisement distribution” to make the distribution invalid. 

※Behavioral Targeting Advertising: Using the information such as search history or browsing history (behavioral history) which does not recognize specific individual, define the target and distribute effective advertisement to targeted users. 

※Retargeting Advertising: Tracing the behavior of the users who had visited certain website of its advertising owner, and make them view the same advertising when visiting another website. 

Means of Communication (通信手段について)

Online booking service of our website of White Bear Family Co., Ltd, we are protecting privacy information by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Information sent and received via internet might have risks of wiretapping, manipulation of data, or identity fraud. However, by using SSL, we are able to avoid those risks and securely send and receive information. 

By mutual authentication adopting digital signature and encryption correspondence, SSL securely protect between users and our server and maintain confidential personal information. Protected information include user name, credit card information, and all other privacy information received by user. 

Since we use digital signature certified by SECOM, we are able to exchange information securely. In case any error occurred related to SSL, please validate SSL 2.0 or 3.0 on browser’s setting, or if using company internal LAN, please contact network administrator to release port 443 on firewall. 

Responsibility (責任)

This website is being used by users on their own responsibility. Our company, White Bear Family Co., Ltd, does not take any responsibility in case of any detriment caused by usage of information obtained from our website or other linked website. 

Applicable Law (準拠法)

This website is being managed by White Bear Family Co., Ltd. This website can be accessed from all over the world which all have different laws, and both users and White Bear Family Co., Ltd are under different legal principle. However we shall be deemed to have agreed to be restricted by Japanese law for the usage of this website.

Also, we do not describe or indicate on our website if our website content is appropriate for users’ environment or not. Access to this website is under control or users’ free will, and usage of this website is carried out under the responsibility of each users.